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Vishwa Varakari Samsthan
Vishwa Varakari Samsthan was established by its Adhikari Shri Tukaram GanapathiMaharaj at Kadayanallur, Tirunelveli district in the year 1990 with fully devoted to the propagation of Namasankeerthanam by which the universal population become liberated without any discrimination (like caste, gender, social or financial status).

The Samsthan is engaged in many other devotional activities with the sole intent of LOKA KSHEMAM.

Jagadguru Shri Tukaram Maharaj’s Samsthan at Dehu-Pune recognized the works of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan and accorded accreditation.

Go Samrakshana
Sri Tukaram Ganapathy Maharaj inherited his passion for protecting and preserving cows from his parents and grandparents and has been actively involved in it for many years...

In the year 1996, our Adhikari Shri Tukaram Ganpathi Maharaj started "Go Samrakshana Trust" with the sole intention of protecting and preserving aged and disabled cows with the blessings of His Sadguru Shri Krishnapremi Maharaj and Shri Baba Maharaj Satarkar’

Our Hindu Dharma ordains us to worship and feed cows daily. But in this age, thinking of the welfare of the poor and disabled cows in itself may be considered by many as worshipping them. It would be more meaningful if we can support and help those "Go Sewa" kendras trying to protect the cows from the butchers' hand and save the poor and old cows, providing them a peaceful life...