About Samsthan


VARKARI is a religious movement (Sampraday) within the Bhakthi (spiritual) tradition of Hinduism. It is geographically associated with the Indian states of Maharashtra and northern Karnataka. The VARKARI started by SantJnaneshwar over 700 years ago sowed the seeds of "Bhakthi" in every individual irrespective of caste, creed or status.

VARKARI in Marathi means: travellers or more precisely periodic travellers.

'Sam' means good and 'Sthan' means place.

Thus, Vishwa Varakari Samsthan establishes and spreads "Dharma (Right Conduct) through "Varakari Sampradaya".

The VARKARI sampraday is so called because the followers travel hundreds of miles to the holy town of Pandharpur on foot, every year on the Ekadashi (11th day by lunar calendar) in the Hindu calendar month of Aashaadha (which falls in June-July) and Kartik Ekadashi (which falls in November).


Vishwa Varakari Samsthan was established by its Adhikari Shri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj at Kadayanallur, Tirunelveli district in the year 1990 with fully devoted to the propagation of Namasankeerthanam by which the universal population become liberated without any discrimination (like caste, gender, social or financial status).

The Samsthan is engaged in many other devotional activities with the sole intent of LOKA KSHEMAM. Jagadguru Shri Tukaram Maharaj’s Samsthan at Dehu-Pune recognized the works of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan and accorded accreditation.

Shri Sadananda More Maharaj, descendent of Jagadguru Tukaram Maharaj personally handed over the letter of accreditation to Shri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj during an Abhang Mela at Kadayanallur.



The activities of VISHWA VARAKARI SAMSTHAN are:


  • To spread the Bhakthi cult through discourses and Bhajans in every nook and corner of the world.
  • Protection of orphaned Cows (Go-Samrakshana) – Cows are to be protected even if they are not yielding milk. This is equal to taking care of one’s parents at their old age. Hence Shri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj is maintaining a Goshala, to take care of old cows through a trust by name, Go Samrakshana Trust, which is a non-profitable organisation. At present, this Goshala provides shelter, fodder and medical care for 45 Cows past their milk yielding age.
  • To give Naamadeeksha (making people chant BhagavanNaama) irrespective of caste, creed, religion.Samsthan organises to take along many numbers of devotees to take part in VARAKARI YATRA from Alandhi to Pandharpur during Ashadi Ekadashi and from Kadayanalur to Vittalapuram(near Tirunelveli, having a 16th century Vittal temple) during Karthiki Ekadashi.
  • To conduct Akhanda Sankeerthana Mela, Lekur Vihar (classes for kids), Parivar Classes (Abhang classes), Abhang shibir (residential camps and Non-Residential Camp). Every year an Abhang Mela is conducted at Kadayanallur or any other holy place in which many Bhagavathas from different parts of India render their divine programmes. Bhagavatha Mela has been organised in various holy places like Pandharpur, Alandi, Paitan and Shringeri
  • To train Keerthankars for spreading the Varakari Sampradaya and give them Deeksha (authorization).Propagation of Varakari Sampradhaya through correspondence course in the name of “DnyanSagar” is conducted by Samsthan. Also Naama Prachaar is done through Sant Charithram (life history of saints) books, CDs and VCDs of Harikirthan by Maharaj. A monthly periodical in the name of “MARGADHARSHAN” is being run by the Samsthan which renders Marathi Santh Charithram, works of Azhwars&Nayanmars, Bhagavad Gita, Abhangs and other interesting divine dharmic works.


As we would have heard thousands of times as Namasankeerthan is the only easiest weapon that can help person to emerge as the winner against all forms of evil in the world and establish bhakthi.

Vishwa Varakari aims at spreading spirituality through:-

  • Akhanda Nama Sankirthan (Non-stop NamaSankirtan) conducted annually
  • Bhagavatha Mela being organised in various holy places like Pandarpur, Alandi,Paithan, Shringeri.
  • Naama Prachaar through books, CDs and VCDs of Harikirthan by Maharaj
    • Musical discourse (Harikeerthan)
    • Discourse (Pravachan)
    • Course (Abhang class)
    • Below are some of the collective work of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan and Vishwa Varakari Parivar:

The sale proceeds of these go to the maintenance of Go-Shala.

Please reach at vvsamsthan@yahoo.co.in for any other details.