Eknathi Bhagawatham

Vishwa Varakari Samsthan is soon releasing Eknathi Bhagavatham, which is one among the three Granthams of Prasthana Thrayam.

Eknathi Bhagavatham has a set of 2 volumes, with 1250 pages each (totally 2500 pages).  To receive both volumes Part1 and Part2 of Eknathi Bhagavatham, the suggested donation is Rs.5000 which would go to Gosamrakshana Seva.

  • Those who have already paid Rs. 10000/- towards Prasthana Thrayam Grantham will get a copy of the grantham. 
  • Those who have not paid, can purchase the Grantham directly, by registering your personal details here.
  • Copies will be printed only for the registered members and will not be available otherwise.
  • Contact 9444159124 / 9789045839 / 0463324055 for more details.

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