Varakari Sampraday

The Varkari (वारकरी) tradition : started by Sant Jnaneshwar [Mauvli] over 700 yrs ago sowed the seeds of "Bakthi" in every individual irrespective of caste, creed or status

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About Samsthan

VARKARI is a religious movement (Sampraday) within the Bhakthi (spiritual) tradition of Hinduism. It is geographically associated with the Indian states

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Sri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj

Shri. Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj, the Founder and Adhikari of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan, hails from Kadayanallur, a village in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu.

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"VittalVihar", East street
Phone number: 04633-240255/ 94441 59124
Please reach at vvsamsthan@yahoo.co.in for any other details.

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