"Daya, Kshama, Shanti"


Today's youngsters are the future citizens of the world having the energy and guts to achieve anything they set their mind to. The Vishwa Varakari Samsthan wished to empower these future citizens with the much required qualities of "Daya, Kshama and Shanti". Thus, was born the "Vishwa Varakari Parivar" on 3rd October ,2004. Guru maharaj planted a seed on 3/oct/2004 which has now grown as a tree having 24 branches and 20 - 80 fruits in each of them all over Tamilnadu ,Karnataka and Maharashtra and is yet to open more branches. VVP trains youngsters in doing harikeerthan and pravachan to spread the our Sanathana Dharma trough sampradaya and to fulfill the wish of Guru maharaj.

  • To spread the treasures of Varakari Sampraday as laid down by Sant Dyaneshwar.
  • To guide the youngsters to achieve excellence in Life through Varakari Sampraday.
  • To provide opportunities to youngsters to develop their inherent confidence and softskills like leadership, communication skills , rudiments of event management, etc.
  • To felicitate and serve Bhagavathas & Bakthas as ordered by Lord Sri Krishna Himself.

Our Philosophy

  • Conduct classes (usually Sundays) that expound on the teachings of Varakari Sants in the form of Abhangs.
  • Conduct Camps (residential-camps and day-camps) for youngsters that aims to bring forth the student's inherent untapped/hidden skills and qualities.Residential camps are conducted during holidays on a yearly basis
  • Performing kirtan sevas at regular intervals and encouraging the students to participate.
  • Provide training to students to become future Kirtankars, to perform on percussion instruments like the Pakhawaj, Harmonium, Tabla etc.

Following on this philosophy, VVP now lifts its collar as it has trained and produced six Keerthankars in five years for prachar and has a Shikshak mandal consisting of 30 teachers for taking class.

Please reach at vvsamsthan@yahoo.co.in for any other details.