Sri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj

The early life

Shri. Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj, the Founder and Adhikari of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan, hails from Kadayanallur, a village in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. Being born in a pious family of devotion to chanting bhajans, Guru Maharaj too, had a deep flair, in singing bhajans from childhood.

Spiritual Journey :

Under the auspicious guidance of his Guru, Shri Krishna Premi Maharaj, his enlightenment deemed ripe for mastership. Knowing his natural passion for Bhajans, his Guruji directed him, to learn Marathi Abhangs and Varakari Sampradaya, a widely practised tradition in Maharashtra. He collected cassettes of Hari Bhakta Parayan, Shri. Baba Maharaj Satarkar, who holds the distinction of 150-year heritage of performing Varakari Sampradaya Harikeertan. Listening to the cassettes, he learnt Marathi Abhangs and his perseverance in learning, led him to an unmatched grip of the Varakari Sampradaya.

Shri. Baba Maharaj Satarkar was astonished to find the proficiency with which Shri. Tukaram Ganapathy Maharaj, chanted the Marathi Abhangs, when they both met each other first. In an assembly of 50,000 devotees, in front of Shri.Dehukar, the 10th descendant of Jagadguru Tukaram Maharaj, at Dudivare, Shri.Baba Maharaj gave him Deeksha (Initiation) to start Vishwa Varakari Samsthan and authorized him, the ‘Adhikari’ of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan.

Furthermore, his chanting of Harikeertan, in its native form, made Dr. Sadanand Shridhar More, of The Dehu Samasthan of Maharashtra, who is the tenth Descendant of Jagadguru Shri Tukaram Maharaj, provide the Authority of Documents (‘Shuddha Patrika’).

He started his unbounded Spiritual Journey thereupon.

The path of righteousness :

Shri Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj, performed Abhang Harikeertan, travelling extensively, throughout India and to countries, viz., USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Great Britain, Quwait, Bahrain and Omen, setting aside his own priorities, for the sake of welfare of the world.

Through his performance of Abhang Harikeertan, with unconditional devotion to Lord Vittal, he electrified the atmosphere and inspired many to turn to spiritualism. He gave deeksha to his virtuous son, Shri Raghunath Doss Maharaj, and authorized him, the Uthradhikari of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan. So far, thousands of devotees in TamilNadu alone, have taken Deeksha from him, after willingly taking oath for the duties of Varakaris.

Awards and accolades

Shri. Tukaram Ganapathi Maharaj has been bestowed awards by many prominent organisations. To name a few

  • The recognition award by the Pennsylvania State University in appreciation for his performance.
  • The title "Sankeertana Kesari" by Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Bharati Tirtha Mahaswamigal, the 36th illustrious lineage of Dakshinamnaya Sri Sharada Peetam, Shringeri
  • "Bhagavatha Kainkaryamani" award by Maharaja of Travancore.