Maarga Dharshan

Maarga Dharshan, the Tamil monthly spiritual magazine of Vishwa Varakari Samsthan is published from Chennai. It was started in the year 2007. The magazine has around 2000 readers.

Maarga Dharshan focuses on the Spiritual Traditions, Saints and their Scriptures, mainly focusing on the true devotion, as expounded and exemplified in the lives of the saints.

The simple language, with which, the scriptures of the saints are encapsulated, makes the common man illumined about the deep significance of the utterances in the scriptures.

Wide wealth of the scriptures and information, published in Maarga Dharshan, have inspired many readers to use this magazine for daily chanting (Nithya Parayan) as well as for almanac(Panchang).

Maarga Dharshan has dedicated many sections to cater to the needs of various groups of readers. Sanskrit and the Marathi verses along with transliteration and translation, make the readers familiar with the languages

Articles published in Maarga Darshan, implant the great qualities in children and youngsters. One of the popular features of Maarga Darshan, the title, ‘Siruvar Pakkam’, which carries the inspirational Tirukkural stories and Sanskrit Subhashithamof great people, not only teaches the ethics, but also, the motivation to face the real life. Interestingly, this section is loved by elders too.

‘Chinthanaikku Oru Abhangam’ teaches the ‘Bhavarth’ of one abhang every month, laying way for learning Marathi abhangs, with the true significance, as expressed by the saints.

The title, ‘Dnyaneshwari’, carries the translation of ovis from Dnyaneshwari, which is the sacred and aesthetic commentary on Bhagavad Gita with uncomplicated and lucid examples, by Mavuli Dnyaneshwar Maharaj. The translation of the Marathi ovis, is handled with great care, so as to provide the exact meaning, without diverging from the profound effect, that Mavuli Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, leaves on the mind and lives of the people.

‘Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam’ portrays not just ‘Lord Rama’, but the ideal father, ideal brother, ideal wife, ideal servant, etc. Sanskrit quotes are provided from Valmiki Ramayana, proving the originality.

In ‘Nyayavali’, the popular maxims of Sanskrit literature, that illustrate general truth and rule of conduct, are explained with citation from Abhangs and other scriptures of saints. Apart from giving an insight into the life and beliefs of ancient people, these Nyayas are still valuable and relevant in judicial circles in the interpretations of law and jurisprudence in modern India.

The articles, ‘Namdev Maharaj Charithiram’, and ‘Nayanmar Charithiram’, depict the lives of saints and their determined devotion to God.

The scriptures from Tiruvasagam, Tirumantiram and Periya Tirumozhi, and the sections, Soniancha Dinu and Soochna are popular among the elders. ‘Soniancha Dinu’ is used as Panchang by many. Soochna gives the schedules of the upcoming Harikeertans of Shri Tukaram Ganapathy Maharaj and Shri Raghunathdoss Maharaj.

Maarga Darshan on-line version is also available now.

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